Knights, Psychopaths of the chessboard

Het boek van Jeremi Silman, Reassess your chess, is een echte aanrader. Hier een fraai fragment

At times, Knights - also known as nerts, neons, jumper, octopus, squid, and horses - are very much like clowns, they leap over other pieces, they prance about in a strange drunken gait, there movements make them seem almost alien compared to the other chessmen, and they can even make us laugh when we see a Knight doing an octopus imitation by forking the whole Royal Family and estate (atacking King, Queen, and both country homes/Rooks at all once). However, as any clown-wise child will tell you, there is also something scary about them. They seem docile, but behind the facade and horse-like grin is a psychopath, and nothing is save.

I was watching a student of mine play random 1-minute games on ICC (Interent Chess Club) and expected him (he was black) to resign here. Instead I was witness to something that seems more like a tragicomedy (or an episode of the simpsons) than a chess game.

1... Nf2 2. Be2 Nxg4 3. a6 "Okay" I thought, "it's over. Time for black to resign" Of course, I couldn't have guessed that black's Knight was really some kind of ravenous demon in disguise, ready to go on a binge and devour everthing in sight  3....Ne5

4. a7? Nc6+ DOH!  5.Kc5 Nxa7 6. Kb6 Nc8+ 7. Kc7 Ne7

8. b4 Nd5+ 9. Kd6 Nxb4 10. Kc5 Nc2 11. Kc4 Kg3 12. Kc3 Kf2 13. Bc4 Ne1 14. Kd4 Nf3+

15. Ke4? Nd2+ 16. Kd4 Nxc4 0-1

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